Grammy Shows Love to BTS’s J-Hope and His Mixtape

Title: “BTS’s J-Hope mixtape featured on the Grammy site” (Source)

The U.S. Grammy, famous for its conservatism, was once again very interested in BTS and particularly J-Hope. In the following article, you can read about the site’s view on J-Hope ‘Hope World’ mixtape.

According to a recent chart released on Friday by the U.S. Billboard, ‘Hope World’ has moved into the 63rd place on its main chart, the Billboard 200. It is the highest ranking by a Korean solo artist and it was significant since it took only 14 hours for the singer to rank on the charts.

Grammy was also interested in the music video of the title song “Daydream” and the song “Airplane” which were released on YouTube. As for March 9th ‘Daydream’ music video recorded more than 28 million views, and ‘Airplane’ music video, exceeded 7 million views.

  1. [+2242 / -23] Bangtan Boys are excellent. They’re the best. I’m really proud of them. BTS are recognized by Billboard and now even Grammy. Great! It’s the best. This kind of news is great news. I think BTS really deserve to be at the 2019 Grammy awards. They for sure can win an award. And frankly, it would be nice if they could perform there. BTS are the real global world star. They will coming out with new records every time. There will be many good articles!
  2. [+1787 / -18] Oh yeah~~ BTS! Let’s Go~
  3. [+1737 / -15] Stay healthy Bangtan Boys~~ ^^
  4. [+1651 / -16] I will always support hopyhopy
  5. [+281 / -2] I’m happy for their great results and I want them to have long careers as singers.. BTS J-Hope, Fighting!