GOT7 Win 1st Place on ‘Music Bank’ with ‘Look’ Comeback

Title: “GOT7 wins 1st on ‘Music Bank’, ‘The feeling is great'” (Source)

On the March 23rd episode of KBS2 ‘Music Bank’, GOY7 won first place with their recent comeback ‘Look’. On that day, GOT7 competed against MAMAMOO ‘Starry Night’, but in the end, it was GOT7 who got the first place.

After the announcement of the 1st place, GOT7 thank their company, the members and of course the fans. Leader JB said, “I feel very good. I will write a lot of good songs in the future!”.

Other performers on that day were 14U, CLC, GOT7, NCT 127, Sha Sha, Golden Child, The East Light, MARMELLO, MAMAMOO, Momoland, SEVENTEEN BSS, UP10TION, April, Cosmic Girls, Giant Pink, Jang Moon Bok, Cheon Dan Bi, and HEYNE.

  1. [+87 / -1] Congratutiltuions!!!!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!
  2. [+82 / -1] GOT7 congratulations on 1st place
  3. [+79 / -1] Happy❤❤
  4. [+77 / -0] GOT7!!!! The album got 1st place with JB’s song!! ㅜㅜ I knew you would do it ㅜㅜ We always love, cheer and believe in GOT7 ❤ Thank you for making me happy with your beautiful music GOT7 ✋✌❤❤❤❤❤
  5. [+75 / -0] GOT7 congratulations so much ㅠㅠ