Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Appointed Promotional Ambassador for Unification Education

Girl’s Generation‘s Seohyun will be named promotional ambassador of unification education at the Ministry of Education’s 6th ‘Unification Education Week’ ceremony on May 21st.

The Institute for Unification Education stated, “She was chosen as ambassador due to her ability to spread unification to all generations as a symbolic individual of Korea.” In April this year, Seohyun made a surprise appearance at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics performing with a North Korean orchestra.

Unification Education Week will run until May 27th, throughout which elementary, middle, and high schools will learn about unification, and various events will be held at universities such as mock cabinet meetings.

  1. [+39 / -0] Good work and good image.
  2. [+34 / -0] Seohyun is a real peace icon. Seohyun is nice with a warm, elegant and intelligent atmosphere.
  3. [+34 / -0] Seohyun is very nice.
  4. [+30 / -0] I hope that you will do well in your future.
  5. [+29 / -0] Seohyun performed well in the joint performance. It was calm and luxuriously performance, and so pleasant to watch. The singing was near and generally perfect for PR. Best ambassador Seohyun.
  6. [+28 / -0] Peace icon Seohyun ♡ So proud ♡
  7. [+24 / -0] The image is good and both Seoul performances and Pyongyang performances were very good and fit well with the goodwill ambassador.
  8. [+23 / -0] She is a symbolic person who can spread the unity consensus to the whole generation. The public relations ambassador well picked.
  9. [+21 / -0] Wow, good luck to you! Fighting!
  10. [+20 / -0] Congratulations! I saw Seohyun’s Pyongyang performance and she is the best for the job.