Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Makes Her Debut as DJ HYO

The new music of Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon who transformed into a DJ was released.

DJ HYO (Hyoyeon) released her first digital single “Sober” on various music sites at 6 PM KST on April 18.

The new song ‘Sober’ is a  tropical future house features an addictive electric guitar reef and accompanied by Hyoyeon’s attractive vocals. In the production process, Ummet Ozcan, a famous DJ and producer from the Netherlands, participated to further enhance the song to full perfection.

The music video of ‘Sober’ was filmed around various locations in Taiwan which creates an exotic atmosphere that matches the featuring of Hyoyeon and her explosive charms.

DJ HYO will hold her debut performance at Gangnam Maid Club on the 21st.

  1. [+490 / -65] It seems like Hyoyeon was born with real talent
  2. [+332 / -44] I’ll always cheer for the bright Hyoyeon
  3. [+307 / -44] I really like the song, sounds great…
  4. [+301 / -44] More and more idols are focusing on dancing. I heard it’s a lot of fun once you start to learn it, but then they fall into deep water. Now that Hyoyeon is all set, it looks like she is going to make money while [doing what she really wants to do.
  5. [+210 / -47] That would be great to be able to survive.
  6. [+59 / -6] I’m really surprised. Hyoyeon seems to be more suitable to the EDM genre. I think she is finding her color more and more. That’s awesome.
  7. [+59 / -10] The music and the voice goes really well
  8. [+58 / -9] I’m a fan of you since Girls’ Generation debut, so I’ll always cheer for you~^^~Hyoyeon fighting!
  9. [+56 / -7] Wow. the song is so good!! Hyoyeon’s voice is striking, and the taste of the song is outstanding.ㅠㅠㅠ
  10. [+54 / -7] The pop version is quite funny