(G)I-DLE Impress People With a Strong Debut Song ‘LATATA’

(G)I-DLE marks a strong and powerful begging for the group with the release of ‘LATATA’.

At 6PM KST, (G)I-DLE have released their debut album “I am” and the title track “LATATA” with the accompanying music video. (G)I-DLE composed of 6 members: Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Yuqi, Shuhua and the leader Jeon Soyeon.

The debut song ‘LATATA’ is a song in a ‘Moombahton Trap’ genre which is currently leading all over the world. The song talks about a woman who is in love and wants to dance that feeling. Together with addictive lyrics, passionate beat, and a reggae feel, the song transmits a powerful image.

In addition, the powerful performances of the band members are also noteworthy as the debut song ‘LATATA’ was co-composed by member Jeon Soyeon. On the music video, (G)I-DLE show the strong and charismatic mood of the song together with intense colorful scenes.

  1. [+364 / -9] Similar to f(x)’s debut title song.
  2. [+222 / -9] I thought they were talking about f(x)’s La chA TA,
  3. [+221 / -16] I liked the song, they picked it up well.
  4. [+115 / -2] So, what is the name of the group again?
  5. [+67 / -6] The song is great! But when you will debut Lai Guan Lin, Yoo Seon Ho and the other male trainees don’t call them (B)I-DLE. Think about the name in advance.
  6. [+33 / -6] The song is so stylish.
  7. [+23 / -5] These days Cube is just crazy good. The song is definitely different, and it sticks right away to your ears.
  8. [+17 / -2] As soon as I read the headline, I was the humming LA LA chA~ chA chA.
  9. [+16 / -2] The group name… why,,,,
  10. [+11 / -0] Soyeon and the children.. It starts with the outfit and goes with anything else. Change the cordi.