(G)I-DLE Debut Song ‘LATATA’ MV Exceeded 2.2 Million Views in One Day

(G)I-DLE‘s ‘LATATA‘ music video breaks the 2.2 million views.

Cube Entertainment announced that (G)I-DLE’s debut song “LATATA” music video, which was released at 6PM KST on May 2nd, has exceeded 2.2 million views in the morning of the second day.

The music video of ‘LATATA’, was directed by Hong Won Ki, the popular director of Zanybros, and presented a powerful and charismatic appearance of the girls with a modern interpretation of Indians feeling.

The title song ‘LATATA’ was written by member Soyeon, who had debuted with a solo song in November last year, and the work of hit composer Big Sancho.

  1. [+110 / -2] To be honest, I like the song.
  2. [+31 / -1] Better than the debut of the senior group CLC which debuted three years ago.
  3. [+24 / -1] I wanted them to succeed since I saw Jeon Soyeon for the first time on ‘Produce 101’.
  4. [+18 / -0] What a great song!! Let’s be a hit.
  5. [+14 / -0] Good selection of songs ㄷㄷㄷ
  6. [+6 / -0] The song is really the best of all the idol group titles.
  7. [+2 / -0] As soon as I heard it, I liked the song.
  8. [+1 / -0] (G)I-DLE are coming ❣❣Miyeon, Minnie, Jeon Soyeon, Soojin, Yuqi, and Shuhua FIGHTING!
  9. [+1 / -0] The song was exciting, addicted, and good, and it was written by Jeon Soyeon ㄷㄷ They have good skills and great visuals, they’re going to hit it big time in the near future.
  10. [+1 / -0] I’m scared.. I liked it. Song, rap, choreography, first time I’ve fallen in love with everything since APink.