GFriend’s SinB Shows Her Blonde Transformation

GFriend‘s SinB turned into a blonde.

On Friday afternoon, SinB’s photos were shared on GFriend’s social media official account. In the picture, SinB is wearing a white shirt and making a cute face. SinB which turned into a blonde showed off her beautiful beauty.

SinB and her group GFriend will be making a comeback the April 30.

  1. +55 / -7] I really like SinB’s blonde…
  2. +48 / -7] The blonde really matches SinB~~♡
  3. +46 / -7] It looks the best ♡♡♡
  4. +45 / -6] I really like it!! Beautiful SinB
  5. +39 / -8] SinB looks really pretty ♡ Comeback fighting! Japanese debut fighting!