FTISLAND’s Choi Minhwan and Yulhee Share Additional Photos of the Newborn Baby

Choi Minhwan from FTISLAND and Yulhee from LABOUM unveiled their son Jae Yul.

On a new social media account, which opened under the name of Jae Yul, the lovely couple shares the newborn’s photos since day one. In particular, Jae Yul shows off his beauty even though he is just week old, taking after his father Minhwan and mother Yulhee’s pretty eyes, nose, and mouth.

In the released photo, Minhwan is feeding milk powder to his child with loveable eyes. Yulhee happiness is also attracting attention by taking pictures in the same pose as her child.

  1. [+287 / -17] The baby is completely beautiful.
  2. [+247 / -16] The baby is really pretty.
  3. [+179 / -13] He is still a baby… so pretty.
  4. [+26 / -1] He took his father’s nose.
  5. [+18 / -1] The baby has a big nose.
  6. [+17 / -1] It seems that the members of the LABOUM have turned around completely.
  7. [+15 / -2] He resembles the father.
  8. [+11 / -0] Good parenting is done on both sides ㅠ
  9. [+11 / -6] Just pretty.
  10. [+11 / -7] Well done ;;