First Still Cuts of Nana in ‘Four Men’ Released

The production company of ‘Four Men’ released the still cuts of Yeorin (Nana) in the drama on May 21st.

‘Four Men’ is a fantasy romance mystery drama where a man investigates the mysterious death of his mother. During his investigation, he meets other men who look identical to him. He becomes involved in a major conspiracy.

The open cut shows various images of Yeorin in the drama. The scene of a woman wearing a wreath in a garden, along with a silhouette that seems to be locked in sadness, provides a mysterious beauty. Another picture where Yeorin stands in front of the car, lost in thoughts, showing her sad soul, displays Nana’s extraordinary charisma.

“Nana is perfecting all of her scenes with a unique beauty and elegance. She’s able to pull off action scenes with ease, and the staff have nothing but praises for her and her capabilities.” said director Jang Tae Yoo.

‘Four Men’ is a 100% pre-production drama, and considered to be one of the most anticipated dramas of the year, are now released. The drama featured by big names such as After School‘s Nana, Park Hae Jin, Kwak Si Yang, NU’EST‘s Ren and many more.

  1. [+24 / -1] There are various expressions shown in the still cuts such as sadness, toughness, tenderness. I want to see ‘Four Men’ quickly! Nana let’s position yourself as a good actress who can act well.
  2. [+17 / -3] I’m looking forward to Nana’s good acting in ‘Four Men’. Can’t wait for Park Hae Jin’s still cuts.
  3. [+11 / -1] ‘Four Men’ fighting!!!! Nana and Park Hae Jin I’m looking forward to seeing you!
  4. [+7 / -0] I have watched ‘The Good Wife’ well!! I’m looking forward to this workㅎㅎ
  5. [+7 / -0] I look forward to ‘Four Men’, fighting.
  6. [+5 / -0] I want to see ‘Four Men’ as soon as possible!
  7. [+4 / -0] I’m looking forward to seeing you grow up as an actress.
  8. [+3 / -0] I expect Nana’s acting in ‘Four Men’
  9. [+3 / -0] I was impressed with her good acting in ‘The Good Wife’, so I have high hopes this time as well~~~
  10. [+3 / -0] Good acting Nana.