FIESTAR Has Officially Disbanded, All Members Leave Agency But Cao Lu

FIESTAR‘s contract has expired. Linzy, Hyemi, Jei, and Yezi have left the agency except for Cao Lu who had a contract period. Fiestar’s agent in charge of Fave Entertainment “Their contract has expired last month with the four members of FIESTAR except for Cao Lu.

With this, Linzy, Hyemi, Jei, and Yezi, except Cao Lu have left Fave without a contract renewal. Linzy will become an actor with Will Entertainment, while Jei will as well become an actor with SSW Entertainment. Cao Lu, who has been contracted by the end of May, is still in talks with Fave Entertainment.

With Linzy and Jei to turn to acting, FIESTAR has virtually disbanded after six years of activity.

  1. [+0 / -0] ‘You’re pitiful’ was really a famous song.
  2. [+0 / -0] The only kid I knew in FIESTAR was Yezi.