EXO-CBX Release 2nd Mini Album ‘Blooming Days’ Tracklist

Title: “EXO-CBX 2nd mini album tracklist released… the title song is ‘Blooming Days'” (Source)

The tracklist of EXO-CBX‘s second mini-album ‘Blooming Days‘ was unveiled.

The 2nd mini-album ‘Blooming Days’ will be released through music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music on April 10th, at 6 PM (KST). The mini-album is composed of 7 different songs: 花요일(Blooming Day)’을 비롯해 ‘Monday Blues'(먼데이 블루스), ‘내일 만나 (Sweet Dreams!)’, ‘Thursday'(서스데이), ‘Vroom Vroom'(브룸 브룸), ‘Playdate'(플레이데이트), ‘휴일 (Lazy)’

In addition, SM representative producer Yoo Young-jin, hit composer Kenzie, famous lyricist Kim Ina, popular lyricist JQ, US production team Mazum Music (MZMC), world-class composer and jazz guitarist Andreas Oberg and other domestic and international hitmakers have participated in the album and it is raising expectations for the new album.

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