EXID’s Solji Says Hello To Fans After a Long Time

On May 5, EXID‘s Solji posted a picture of her social media wearing a sunglass and a seatbelt in her car with the phrase “Peek-a-boo #LEGGO”.

Solji was suffering from hyperthyroidism that made her stop all of her activities and devoted to treatment.

On the hand, EXID, without Solji, came back on the 2nd of last month with a retro genre song “Lady”.

  1. [+16 / -2] Come on, let’s sing good songs again ㅠㅠ Fighting Solji~
  2. [+4 / -0] I have missed you so much Solji ㅠㅠㅠ~&~!?
  3. [+3 / -1] Hyelin’s ability has risen sharply due to SoljI’s rest. She has gained recognition and has gained a great deal of experience. I hope EXID will try more genres of music when it comes to the future.I personally think EXID was is best girl group between 2010 and 2020. I think they have the best quality of all things in vocal, rap, visual and music genre.
  4. [+2 / -0] Don’t get sick ㅜㅠ
  5. [+0 / -0] Exid will be able to perform as a complete group soon!!!