EXID’s Jeonghwa Impresses The Viewers With Her Long Neck

EXID‘s Jeonghwa showed off her long, deer like neck.

On MBC’s ‘Weekly Idol’ which aired on April 18, EXID’s Jeonghwa picked herself as the member with the longest neck as a distinction between herself and the other members. While measuring to prove the point, the ruler showed Jeonghwa’s neck is 11.5 centimeters long.
On the other hand, Hani’s neck was 9.5 centimeters long. In response, Hani said “Jeonghwa and I are the same height, yet my neck is shorter… it means my head is 2 centimeters longer!”, making everyone in the studio laugh.

  1. [+124 / -18] Her neck is so long… usually when the neck is long your face looks much smaller and it looks good overall. But in Jeonghwa’s case…
  2. [+105 / -14] Length of neck is not important.
  3. [+45 / -12] But the eyes, nose, and lips look weird.
  4. [+14 / -2] Something is odd… She isn’t pretty although her face is thin, and she isn’t the best singer either… To be honest, I’m not attracted at all.
  5. [+14 / -9]  No
  6. [+13 / -7] Hani your face is longer but you’re prettier
  7. [+10 / -3] The face is so-so, the body proportions are so-so and the singing is also so-so.
  8. [+6 / -0] . YoonA has a long neck and she looks pretty
  9. [+5 / -2] . She is pretty!

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