Eric Nam Shares BTS Helped Him A Lot With His ‘Honestly’ Comeback

Singer Eric Nam said he received much advice from the younger idol group BTS on his comeback album.

Eric Nam, who held a showcase of his comeback album in Hongdae, Seoul, said, “I received a lot of advice and support from BTS about this comeback album.”

Eric Nam, who mentioned his close relationship with BTS, said they gave him a lot of advice on even picking the name of the title song. “When the members spend time in overseas activities, they always talk to each other and talk about music,” he said. “Even though I’m their older brother (=senior) they give me a lot of ideas and pieces of advice”.

Eric Nam said, “In case of Suga, he heard the title song ‘Honestly’ when it was only a rough guitar track and he said, ‘Oh, I love the melody so much‘. I was confident and courageous to hear that I was not the only one to feel that way.”

Eric Nam added, “I see many K-pop idol friends doing well abroad, and I get a lot of inspiration.”


  1. [+675 / -11] If Suga says it is good, then it must be really good..!! I’ll support you well.
  2. [+522 / -12] Oh my, then it will fit my style unconditionally ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ll listen to it a lot when it comes out !!!
  3. [+492 / -10] If Suga likes it, I guess it is a good song~Eric Nam and Suga seems to be close friends ㅎㅎ~ Eric Nam, BTS, let’s make it big ♡♡♡
  4. [+412 / -9] Eric Nam voice is so good, I’ll listen to this song well.
  5. [+352 / -8] Eric Nam fighting ♡♡ ^^
  6. [+78 / -2] BTS and Eric Nam! It is a perfect combination ㅠㅠㅠㅠ♡♡♡
  7. [+75 / -3] Aren’t BTS and Eric Nam similar? Both are great and cool men
  8. [+71 / -1] Eric Nam and BTS friendship is well known to the fans, but isn’t it the first time it is publicly mentioned? Both personalities and music are go~~od!!
  9. [+68 / -3] Wow Yoongi said that the draft was good… I hope your album will be a hit!
  10. [+68 / -3] If Suga likes it~~