Eric Nam and Jeon Somi Perform Their Duet ‘You, Who?’ On ‘Music Bank’

Eric Nam and Jeon Somi performed together on KBS’s Music Bank on April 20th.

Jeon Somi showed up and drew attention after making a sudden switch with her hairstyle. Jeon Somi showed off her sweet charm by singing the duet “You, Who?” which was released a year ago with Eric Nam.

  1. [+698 / -29] Got 1st place but can’t make her debut.. ㅋㅋ
  2. [+624 / -74] She can’t make her debut so she will recycle performances in the meantime…
  3. [+456 / -299] Why can’t she have her debut? Park Jin Young knows well. She was so pretty when she was a little girl, but now when she got bigger she isn’t that much.
  4. [+49 / -2] She can’t sing alone. Not even in TWICE’s level… she didn’t even manage to sing properly her part on ‘Moon Lovers’ OST. Her voice is too flat.
  5. [+47 / -6] Looks a bit older to her age
  6. [+42 / -10] The face is weird
  7. [+39 / -1] It’s a lot harder to put a group together… it cost’s much more money than having a solo… Just a little more and she will debut~
  8. [+36 / -1] Jeon Somi is part of JYP’s next generation girl group together with Shin Ryujin and Hwan Yeji. She should debut together with Shin Yuna and the others. I don’t think it’ll work out the longer she waits for her debut… her charm is fading as the time goes by.
  9. [+34 / -5] She gets older way too fast.. something is wrong..
  10. [+34 / -4] Let’s practice singing..