Duble Kick Entertainment Home to MOMOLAND is Now ‘MLD Ent’

Duble Kick Entertainment officially changes their name to ‘MLD Ent’. On May 30, it has been officially revealed that Duble Kick Entertainment, has officially changed their name to ‘MLD Ent’.

Their new motto is “Legendary management makes a dream come true”. “We will work harder to develop the company and its artists with a new beginning and with a new mission.” a representative from MLD Ent stated.

  1. [+85 / -1] (M)omo(L)an(D) company
  2. [+28 / -5] I would like to ask the CEO to be a leader who is smart and wise in his actions. I think that the insight of the chief will be more brilliant when you show them their dreams and make them come true. Mld fighting!!
  3. [+24 / -4] It’s the name of the company that MOMOLAND is associated with, and it seems that MOMOLAND has also made its mark on YouTube.. the new world star …I heard that you are planning a good song and performance for MOMOLAND debut in Japan. It is difficult enough for Korean singers to appear on Japanese TV channels in the political situations between Korea and Japan. MOMOLAND don’t make their Japanese debut by heading to the bare ground, but by appearing in Japan national broadcasting programs, receiving VIP treatment. I am grateful for MOMOLAND’s company that allowed them to make their debut as national stars in Japan.  Let’s go!ㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅ
  4. [+25 / -6] We cheer you for a new start. Please do your best with MOMOLANDㅎㅎ
  5. [+22 / -5] MOMOLAND fighting!
  6. [+19 / -3] Let the comeback be a big hit!!
  7. [+5 / -0] Let’s hope you will grow globally with MOMOLAND, just like the name of a great company!
  8. [+1 / -0] Let’s go!
  9. [+1 / -1] MOMOLAND fighting!!! MLD Fighting!!!
  10. [+0 / -0] Isn’t it short for MOMOLAND ㅋㅋ