Dreamcatcher to Appear on Weekly Idol for the First Time

It was recently revealed that Dreamcatcher will be appearing on Weekly Idol, as the group had finished filming for their episode just yesterday on May 14th. This will be Dreamcatcher’s first time appearing on Weekly Idol since their debut, which they made last year in January recently showing their success as idols capturing attention and fandom’s growth.

Dreamcatcher recently made their comeback with their 2nd mini album “Nightmare·Escape the ERA” and are currently promoting their title track titled “YOU AND I” on music broadcasts. The song and album have been receiving a good response in Korea and overseas.

Dreamcatcher made their comeback with the release of their MV for “YOU AND I” on May 10th. The group has achieved success in charting on the Top 10 for many foreign music charts and have particularly shown strength topping K-Pop charts on iTunes in over 11 countries.

  1. [+58 / -0] Dreamcatcher fighting! Let’s succeed!
  2. [+26 / -0] I think it’s a dream.
  3. [+21 / -4] Now the kids appear on Weekly Idol~Let’s make it easy for them to appear in many other entertainment shows!
  4. [+12 / -0] Is Dreamcatcher seeing the light now?
  5. [+12 / -1] FINALLY ㅠㅠㅠ♡♡