Cosmic Girls to Participate in The Chinese Version of ‘Produce 101’

Title: “WJSN to participate in ‘Produce 101′” (Source)

Cosmic Girls Xuan Yi and Mei Qi will appear in the Chinese version of ‘Producer 101’ as participants. Starship Entertainment has confirmed their appearance on the Chinese version of ‘Produce 101’ on March 15th. Cosmic Girls (WJSN) is a group that is actively active in Korea, so there is a great sadness when two members of the group participate in the show as trainees.

Xuan Yi and Mei Qi are the Chinese members of the group and they will proceed with the group activities while filming the show.
It is somewhat inappropriate for a member of WJSN who is already active in Korea to participate in the audition program. WJSN member Yoo Yeonjung made her debut through ‘Produce 101’ as an I.O.I member. However, she was a trainee at the time and joined WJSN after she finished the activities with I.O.I.

WJSN recently released their fourth mini-album “Dream Your Dream” on February 27th and are actively promoting the title song “Dreams Come True”. The song is ‘magic school concept’ and has a mysterious yet lovely feeling to it.

  1. [+1831 / -37] They will run away to China as soon as they get popular with that program. It is better to be treated as a popular star and make money in China than to be one in Korea.
  2. [+356 / -9] One of the Chinese members is working as a mentor for the plagiarism program, and the other two Chinese members will participate in the copyrighted production of the Chinese edition. This is absurd.
  3. [+182 / -11] Why?????? They have enough fandom in Korea. Is LEON becoming like Kwangsoo?! It is even rumored that DIA Eunjin will join Produce 101 as well.
  4. [+155 / -35] Although WJSN didn’t win first place on music shows, they did win new artist award, rising star awards and participated in realities and entertainment shows. They even MCed. They have so many events, so why do they have to go to this show?
  5. [+93 / -27] Visual, singing ability, dance and entertainment, WJSN have it all. But it has been 2 years already since their debut and no results are shown… they lack management and planning skills.