Cosmic Girls Lose Balance in The Rain During Live Broadcast

Title: “WJSN lose balance in the rain during live broadcast” (Source)

On April 4, MBC music show ‘Show Champion’ The Ulsan Special Live Show was broadcast.

On the same day, Wanna One’s ‘BOOMERANG’ beat TVXQ!’s ‘The Chance to Love’, MAMAMOO’s ‘Starry Night’, and Monsta X’s ‘Jealousy’ and won 1st place on the show.

At the same broadcast, it was pouring rain and the members of Cosmic Girls (WJSN) continuously slipped on the stage and kept falling while performing.

  1. [+6 / -0] Be careful
  2. [+6 / -0] Don’t get hurtㅡ
  3. [+6 / -0] Why they’re barefoot when it’s raining that hard…
  4. [+6 / -1] Everyone danced barefoot in the rain… being an idol is really an extreme job…
  5. [+4 / -0] Don’t get hurt~~
  6. [+2 / -0] Who told them to do that? Are they out of their minds? Pushing them to dance barefoot in the rain… Such sad people…What if they hurt their legs or hips..
  7. [+1 / -0] WJSN are so pretty, don’t get hurt!
  8. [+1 / -1] Trying to copy GFriend??
  9. [+0 / -0] Coolest and the best〽☕
  10. [+4 / -11] I was looking forward to this~~ These days this kind of performance will do the work~~