Chinese Version of Produce 101 is Under Fire For Plagiarizing ‘The Boyz’

The controversy of ‘plagiarism’ has been raised after the Chinese version of ‘Produce 101‘ released few promotional videos. The local cast is suspected of copying the contents of the new Korean idol group The Boyz.

Chinese online media Tencent will soon broadcast a Chinese version of Mnet‘s ‘Produce 101’. This version is created by Tencent after they purchased a full license from CJ E&M. It is intended for female trainees as in Season 1 of ‘Produce 101’ in Korea.

There are so many suspected cases in China of plagiarism of Korean programs. But in this case, it is noteworthy that Tencent purchased the full copyright from Mnet. Earlier this year, in China, an audition program “Idol Producer” was broadcast since January and has recently concluded with nine finalists. Even before the broadcast, it has raised suspicions that it has plagiarized Mnet’s “Produce 101”.

In August of last year, ‘1theK’ has released few videos introducing the members of the group ‘The Boyz‘. The videos consist the members ride an elevator and each member introduce his individual talents and charms. The introduction video of the artists on the above is totally similar to the utilization of the elevator space, the background music (BGM), the effect sound, and even the editing method.

You can judge on your own in the following videos:

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  2. [+331 / -1] China is all about plagiarism…
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