Ex-WINNER Nam Tae Hyun Expresses His Anger Toward People’s Opinions

Nam Tae Hyun, “Go easy, don’t listen to me if it’s too bad! ”

Nam Tae Hyun, the leader of ‘South Club’ and ex-member of popular group WINNER, expressed his anger. Nam Tae Hyun posted an impressive photo on his Instagram with the following message: “If you go out of etiquette, it becomes an opinion you don’t need to accept, and anger can be put on your face rather than accepting it. ” Nam Tae Hyun said in a frenzied tone, “If you listen to me properly, I will adjust accordingly. Go easy. Am I a machine to satisfy you? Be human when you give your opinion to people. Don’t look at me or listen to me if it’s too bad.”

  1. [+1,688 / -43] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  2. [+1,508 / -40] By the way, is he still an entertainer?
  3. [+73 / -0] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It came out well ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI just think it is great that he left WINNER ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  4. [+68 / -7] What is this idiot? Go to the army, man.
  5. [+56 / -1] I know you feel like you are in a high position. If you weren’t in WINNER, would you have made your debut with that skills? You just have such a mean personality, and if you don’t have what it takes, you’ll have to live a decent life. People don’t take you for granted, they just don’t like you. If you don’t even care about it and you’re going to go shopping, don’t write about it on SNS. I don’t think you’re going to communicate, but just trying to live while getting annoyed.
  6. [+52 / -8] If you just don’t want to see him, just stop caring!!! Like me …
  7. [+42 / -1] I was surprised to learn that he was in WINNER.
  8. [+38 / -3] Thank god he isn’t in WINNERㅠ A real blessing.


Monsta X will Begin their World Tour ‘THE CONNECT’ Today May 26th

Group Monsta X will begin their world tour today, May 26th.

Monster X will hold ‘2018 MONSTA X WORLD TOUR’ <THE CONNECT> on May 26th and 27th at Jangchung Arena in Seoul. By August, they will visit London, Amsterdam, Spain, Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Monterey, Argentina, and Santiago, Brazil.

‘THE CONNECT’ is held only 8 months since Monsta X’s first world tour ‘MONSTA X THE FIRST WORLD TOUR’ which was held in last September.

Monster X, who released the album ‘THE CONNECT‘ last March, received attention from overseas media including the US ‘Billboard’ and the UK ‘Guardian’ with the title song ‘Jealousy‘.

  1. [+5 / -0] I want to go to Monsta X’s concert ㅠ
  2. [+3 / -0] Shownu, Monsta X Fighting
  3. [+2 / -0] I’m so excited!! Exciting~~~♥
  4. [+1 / -0] Monsta X let’s fly! Awesome Shownu let’s go to the world!
  5. [+1 / -0] Monsta X’s second world tour is going to be a hit!!!!!! Fighting!!!!
  6. [+1 / -0] I envy you ㅠㅠ I want to go to Monsta X’s concert.
  7. [+0 / -0] Monsta X way to go!!!! Don’t get hurt and come home safely!!!


Girl Duo ii (아이아이) is Under Controversy After Covering BLACKPINK’s ‘Playing With Fire’ Live on Radio

A rookie girl duo ii (아이아이) is under a controversy after appearing in MBC’s Radio ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope’ on May 25th.

On that day, ii covered BLACKPINK‘s hit song ‘Playing with Fire‘. The duo sang it live and in this process, they disappointed and shocked the listeners with their abilities which haven’t met the expectations. Not only that, the cover was full of mistakes and made the listeners doubt ii’s skills.

In the end, it also turned into controversy. Kim Shin Young said right after the cover finished “It’s okay, it can happen to anyone”. ii’s agency said, “ii’s voices weren’t good that day because it was their first time appearing in the radio and they felt a lot of tension”.

ii is a rookie girl duo who debuted on May 1st with ‘I’m Already You’. Currently, netizens blame their lack of ability. Anyway, as rookies, they succeed by making sure their name is clearly known.

  1. [+512 / -5] Hey, make the legendary Ori debut once again.. You call yourself singers when Ori can’t sing anymore.
  2. [+382 / -5] I was listening to the radio at work. I told myself ten times that I’m hearing wrong and the radio is the problem… I thought it was a public call….
  3. [+310 / -2] These it is so hard to make your name out there… At first, I thought it was some kind of marketing… but then I heard the cover…
  4. [+27 / -0] Haven’t you seen how Ori blew her debut with just one stage ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+25 / -1] Rookies are practicing their butts off, work nonstop to show some results, even if they are nervous. There is no such excuse in the professional world.
  6. [+22 / -0] I never thought you could sing this song like this.
  7. [+20 / -0] I wanted to see how hard this song on my own.. I invested 25,800 won (approx 25$) to sing in a karaoke room. I won.
  8. [+18 / -0] What kind of marketing is this ㅋㅋㅋ
  9. [+18 / -8] It’s okay. TWICE sing too.
  10. [+15 / -3] ‘Playing with Fire’ isn’t too difficult to sing… to mess that song so hard.


BTS ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Tear’ Sold 1 Million Records in Less Than a Week

The unstoppable group BTS has set a new record by surpassing 1 million sold copies of their latest album ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Tear’.

Based on Hanteo Chart, the third full-length album, ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Tear‘ sold one million copies in the early afternoon of May 24th.

The album broke the initial record of BTS, writing a new history in the Korean music industry. In addition, the album is the best in the history of BTS’ albums, breaking their own records and making them ‘Double Million Sellers’. ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Her‘, which was released last year, has sold 759,263 copies in the first week of its release and sold 1.2 million copies 13 days after its release.

BTS’s third album drew attention by exceeding 1.44 million pre-ordered copies in Korea alone before its release. Due to the high popularity of BTS the sales of the first 1 million units were fast. If the company adds the sales volume of its overseas albums, it can expect the biggest sales record ever.

  1. [+531 / -5] The rival of BTS is yesterday’s BTS. Congratulations! Shine even more.
  2. [+376 / -0] It is not a 20 years record, but the first time since Hanteo started its chart in 1993. That is the first record since the chart was created.
  3. [+180 / -1] The first time since 1993, BTS has set a milestone of 1 million copies for the first time ㅠ I felt the passion, talent, and effort in your stage at the comeback show.
  4. [+165 / -1] As expected from BTS… what can I say. Wow.
  5. [+80 / -0] Living in 2018, and seeing records that surpass the 90’s record sales. Nowadays, BTS are the one to sell a million copies with a single album, and also the only one to sell one million copies in a week.
  6. [+25 / -0] Selling 1 million records in Korea alone… crazy ..ㅠㅠ BTS is really great. To be honest, the album is so good that all of the songs are worthy to be title songs.
  7. [+20 / -0] Congratulations BTS! It is the best record since Hanteo created its charts back then in 1993. It’s the best of all boy bands. They’re writing a new history in the Korean pop music industry. I hope that there will be many articles telling the truth, rather than trying to keep them in the category of idol or boy band.
  8. [+19 / -0] The record of selling 1 million copies is truly impressive. We are talking about times when music clubs were famous in Korea and albums were the only way to listen to music. We are now in the era of digital and streaming music rather buying albums. I don’t think it’s just a record that fans can buy and pay for. Let’s look forward to the future activities by BTS!
  9. [+15 / -0] After the disappearance of CDs a million records sold is something that I wasn’t expecting to see… If you have well-made music and good quality products it is now proven to be able to sell that many albums ㅠ
  10. [+15 / -1] Congratulations! Way to go boys!


MOMOLAND to Make Their Comeback on June 26th with Dance Genre Song

On May 24th, it was revealed by DubleKick company that MOMOLAND will be making their comeback on June 26th with a dance-genre title track produced by Shinsadong Tiger.

MOMOLAND and Shinsadong recently hit great success with MOMOLAND’s last comeback title from their 3rd mini-album produced by Shinsadong Tiger “Bboom Bboom” that was released on January 3rd.

It is expected that MOMOLAND and Shinsadong Tiger will once again release a great collaboration.

MOMOLAND will be making their Japanese debut on June 13th.

  1. [+36 / -3] I am really excited because it would be a fun dance song. Just walk the flower path MOMOLAND~~
  2. [+17 / -6] I think it will work out well once again.
  3. [+14 / -5] MOMOLAND hit it big this time!
  4. [+8 / -3] MOMOLAND~♥ Come out quickly you guys!
  5. [+6 / -1] Shinsadong Tiger one more time, let’s goooo
  6. [+5 / -1] Yo Bboom Bboom
  7. [+4 / -2] Feels good
  8. [+3 / -0] Let’s start this summer with MOMOLAND


A.C.E Will Make a Comeback on June 7th with Repackage Album

A.C.E‘s company has announced the group’s comeback date for June 7th. With the exception of their special album ‘5TAR (Incompletion)’, this will be their first comeback in 8 months, after ‘Callin” in October last year. This release will be a repackage album containing their 3 previous songs [(“5TAR”, “Callin'”, “Cactus”)] and 3 new songs. This will also be their first time challenging themselves with a season song since debut.

Activities for this album will be carried out with only 4 members, due to member Chan doing activities with UNB after placing as a finalist in ‘The Unit’. Additionally, member Jason will now do activities under his real name, Kim Byungkwan.

A.C.E’s company Beat Interactive stated, “A.C.E will make a comeback on June 7th. For this comeback, A.C.E will show a flashy performance and will also show you a new image that they haven’t shown before. With their first challenge with a season song, please give them your expectations and attention.”

  1. [+62 / -1] A.C.E is really good, I hope it goes well.
  2. [+34 / -0] I’m looking forward to A.C.E ㅠㅠ It is a really talented group.
  3. [+20 / -0] All the A.C.E members have good skills. Their visuals are great too! Let’s get up this time!!!
  4. [+17 / -0] I will wait for June 7th.
  5. [+11 / -0] Good job. Kim Byungkwan is much more familiar and stuck in my ears!


MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Makes Her Solo Debut with Support From Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Moonbyul from the group, MAMAMOO, has stepped up to challenge going solo. On May 23rd, PM, Moonbyul will be releasing her first solo debut album “SELFISH” on all digital music sites.

Moonbyul’s song title, by definition, has a negative meaning of being ‘selfish’. However, the song itself gives comfort and confidence to people who are losing their happiness due to other’s standard by saying, “how would it be to put in an effort for my own happiness every now and then, even if it’s selfish.”

Red Velvet’s Seulgi features in the title song, sending a cheerful and exciting, yet sincere message with her upbeat voice. Along with the song, the ‘SELFISH’ music video shows Moonbyul and Seulgi showing off clumsy, cute swag.

The album will also include ‘In My Room’, an R&B/ hiphop song that sings of the dark loneliness and emptiness that comes from the fast-changing, complicated society. As well as the rearranged acoustic version of ‘Love & Hate/ Worthless’.

  1. [+77 / -1] Rooting for Moonbyul
  2. [+37 / -1] Let’s make Moonbyul’s solo a hit!!!!!!
  3. [+28 / -1] I’m looking forward to hearing Seulgi’s featuring!!! Moonbyul’s solo be a hit!
  4. [+20 / -0] Moonbyul’s first solo SELFISH, I’m so excited!!
  5. [+13 / -0] A great synergy between the two is expected. Fighting!


(G)I-DLE Have Won Their 1st Ever Trophy on ‘The Show’ with ‘LATATA’

Rising stars (G)I-DLE took first place in a music program for the first time since their debut.

(G)I-DLE took the first place trophy in SBS’s MTV ‘The Show‘ live broadcast in Sangam-dong, Seoul on May 22nd, defeating Dreamcatcher and The Boyz.

The girls ranked first only 20 days after their debut., making them the 2nd fastest girl group to reach number 1 after BLACKPINK. In tears after receiving the prize, the girls said, “Thank you so much. We will try harder and harder in the future. We will do our best!”

Congratulations (G)I-DLE!

  1. [+132 / -4] Congratulations ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ The song is great, everything is well done, we are proud of our princess.
  2. [+23 / -0] Wow
  3. [+21 / -0] (G)I-DLE Congratulations!!
  4. [+16 / -0] (G)I-DLE ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Congratulations ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Thank You ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I love You ㅠㅠ
  5. [+17 / -4] ㅊㅋㅊㅋ LATATA!!!
  6. [+5 / -0] Honestly? They deserve it. How great of a rookie group to rank in the 20~30th place in Melon.
  7. [+3 / -0] Wow, amazing~~
  8. [+3 / -0] My girls are the best ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Congratulations on 1st place ㅜㅜㅠㅠ♡♡♡
  9. [+2 / -0] (G)I-DLE, Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Soojin, Yuqi, and Shuhua congratulations ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Let’s only walk the flower road☺
  10. [+2 / -0] (G)I-DLE congratulations~~


Super Junior’s Shindong to Direct Samuel’s Comeback Music Video ‘TEENAGER’

On May 21st, Brave Entertainment officials stated that Super Junior‘s Shindong has worked as the director for the music video for Samuel‘s 2nd mini album repackage ‘TEENAGER‘, which will be released on the 30th.

Recently, Brave Entertainment owner and representative producer Brave Brothers had a meeting with Shindong regarding Samuel’s album, and by the end, it was decided that Shindong would be in charge of directing the music video.

In addition to being a singer in Super Junior, and being involved in various entertainment activities, Shindong is also becoming known as a director after having directed the music videos for project group Celeb Five’s “I Wanna Be a Celeb”, UV and Shindong’s “Marry Man”, Red Velvet’s “Rebirth”, JTBC variety program ‘Knowing Bros’ cast Kim Heechul and Min Kyunghoon’s “Sweet Dreams”, etc.

  1. [+53 / -0] Shindong? The Shindong of Super Junior I know?? Wow! I’m really looking forward to Samuel’s music video. TEENAGER let’s be a hit!
  2. [+30 / -0] The teaser poster was released earlier this morning with full expectations 🙂 I even saw this unexpected supportive article todayㅎㅎ Samuel TEENAGER fighting!!!
  3. [+17 / -1] Shindong’s abilities are amazing ㅜㅜ
  4. [+16 / -0] Samuel was so cool that I couldn’t sleep well yesterday~ He is cute, lovely, handsome and cool. I wish you the best, and good luck Samuel!
  5. [+10 / -0] Samuel will create a seriously awesome very cool music video together with Shindong.
  6. [+6 / -1] What our oppa can’t do..!!! Kya~~~ Let’s goooo~~~~!!
  7. [+4 / -0] Shindong is brilliant, he even participated in directing Super Show and ‘this is love’ music video.
  8. [+2 / -0] I believe in Shindong!!! I love you Samuel~~♡♡♡
  9. [+2 / -0] Shindong..!!! He was Super Show’s videographer and he was also in charge of various kinds of music videos, so I believe in him! Cool…
  10. [+1 / -0] Wow, rise Samuel.


fromis_9 Will Release 2nd Mini Album on June 5th

On May 21st, it was reported that fromis_9 will make a comeback on June 5th with their 2nd mini album. Their 1st mini album ‘To. Heart‘ was released this January, making this their first comeback in 5 months.

fromis_9 is a girl group formed through the cable channel Mnet program ‘Idol School’. The 9 members Song Hayoung, Lee Saerom, Roh Jisun, Lee Chaeyoung, Lee Nakyung, Park Jiwon, Lee Seoyeon, Baek Jiheon, and Jang Gyuri showed their various charms through the program and were able to secure a strong fanbase, selling 20,000 copies of their debut album.

This comeback will be carried out by 8 members while Jang Gyuri participates in Mnet ‘Produce 48’.

  1. [+90 / -15] Ha finallyㅠㅠ Let’s make a hit with this album!
  2. [+65 / -8] I’m looking forward to the comeback on June 5th, fromis_9 fighting!
  3. [+48 / -8] Finally a comeback ㅜㅜ Congratulations fromis kids, this album will hit the jackpot!
  4. [+36 / -8] I’ve been waiting for a comeback. I miss you fromis.
  5. [+18 / -4] Your comeback is finally coming back!I am so curious and excited about the song.~
  6. [+13 / -2] Make your album a hit! fromis_9 fighting♡♡
  7. [+13 / -3] Comeback…! Congratulations, I love you~
  8. [+14 / -5] fromis_9’s 2nd comeback fighting
  9. [+10 / -1] I waited for a long time. I can’t wait to see you…


TWICE’s Nayeon’s Statement of Her Being No.1 in the Group is Causing a Stir

TWICE‘s member Nayeon said, “I am the 1st place in the team and 9th place is Jeongyeon“.

TWICE held their concert ‘TWICE ZONE 2: Fantasy Parkat the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul, at 5 PM on May 20. On the opening act, the members performed “Hold Me Tight,” “Likey” and “Look at Me”.

At some point in the concert Nayeon introduced herself as “It is Nayeon who is No.1 in TWICE”, she then added by saying “I was happy to see the ranking of merchandise and goodies sales in our team”. Nayeon then followed the line to Jeongyeon and said: “Let’s say who is ranked 9th!”. Jeongyeon cooly answered, “I’ll just admit it”. Sana ended the discussion by saying “I don’t care about the order or the sales of the members”.

In other news, TWICE has sold out a total of 18,000 seats in their recent concerts. This concert was designed with a comprehensive performance of the hit songs of TWICE and a time for each member to the show off their individual charms.

  1. [+400 / -28] Always watch your mouth carefully. Even without such intent, the press will pick the headlines and turn it as they wish.
  2. [+387 / -23] Sana is smart because she doesn’t care about the ranks inside the team, especially when it comes to the sales of merchandise.
  3. [+362 / -43] More like an order of who has the worst attitude.
  4. [+56 / -14] I thought it was just between the fans, but they talk about it openly like this.
  5. [+55 / -18] You don’t have to say so, even if you’re aware of the details. Just think before you talk.
  6. [+39 / -16] Foxy attitude.
  7. [+31 / -14] Is it something to be proud of?
  8. [+31 / -17] Is the ugliest one the first?
  9. [+28 / -18] Jeongyeon is much more beautiful than Nayeon. it is a matter of taste.
  10. [+22 / -6] I like Jeongyeon the best.