SECRET’s Jung Hana Opens a Personal YouTube Channel

SECRET‘s Jung Hana meets fans on her personal YouTube channel.

On May 25, Jung Hana released a teaser video of “What am I doing today?” And announced the opening of the YouTube channel, capturing the fans’ attention. Hana plans to officially open her YouTube channel on June 2nd.

The channel is composed of various contents including beauty, fashion, and pet life. With the “what am I doing today” series, Hana wants to spread positive energy and positive charm, while actively communicate with fans to reveal more friendly and honest aspects.

Jung Hana, who became a YouTuber, said, “I have opened my own channel to communicate with fans. I want to be a person who can show different Jung Hana than the entertainer Jung Hana”.


  1. [+817 / -11] All the celebrities without schedules are doing either YouTube or V Live.
  2. [+623 / -12] These days, there are many celebrities who are turning into live streamers…
  3. [+497 / -10] The word communication is written there, but I read it as money. Do you want to communicate with the fans or you just need money???
  4. [+25 / -0] She is uglier than any other live streamer and isn’t a good singer either.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+22 / -0] I don’t think anyone will recognize her even she goes full makeup. I guess she ran out of money, and the entertainer spot doesn’t work either.
  6. [+22 / -1] Although she went under the knife, she still looks like this..
  7. [+18 / -0] I still think of the KFC’s Zinger burger when I see her name… ㅡㅡ
  8. [+17 / -0] You should have done well to Jeon Hyosung or Han Sunhwa…
  9. [+16 / -1] Since when does YouTube get so messy ;;;;


A Fan Guide on How To Use BLACKPINK’s Lightstick Properly Goes Viral

A new fan guide on the net, only a few days after the official release of BLACKPINK‘s lightstick, goes viral.

BLACKPINK’s new and official lightstick drew lots of attention for its unusual shape – a pink squishy hammer toy. Even before the lightstick hit the stores, many fans were divided between the question on how you should use the lightstick properly. Some fans assumed you should turn on the ‘music reaction mode’ and bop to some BLACKPINK songs, other preferred the funny noise the lightstick produce. But one fan did what everything thought about…

  1. [+64 / -0] ㅋㅋ Look at the speed of the hits ㅋㅋㅋ I can feel her rage the more she hits himㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  2. [+53 / -1] ?? that’s really a hammer… They said that YG’s lightsticks can all be used as weapons and this time, they really made a weaponㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  3. [+50 / -0] F*cking funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It even makes the hammer sound
  4. [+13 / -0] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m an Inner Circle but I kinda feel comforted by this
  5. [+12 / -0] To be honest, I found it a bit weird-looking at first but it looks cute since BLACKPINK is holding it …ㅠㅠ

LABOUM’s Yulhee and FTISLAND’s Choi Minhwan Have Welcomed a Healthy Baby Son

On May 28th it was reported by insiders that FTISLAND‘s Choi Minhwan and Ex-LABOUM‘s Yulhee greeted their son on May 26th. Currently, both the mother and baby are doing well and are healthy. FTISLAND members have also been excited about the news of the birth. The two have told many that although they are young parents, they will raise their child well.

Earlier this month, Choi Minhwan and greeted fans in the fan cafe with the news that he would be a parent. He shared the news that although he is still young, he will work to be a good parent. Sharing the that ultrasound footage was beautiful.

Choi Minhwan who is better known as FTISLAND’s drummer and maknae is born in 1992 and made his debut in 2007. Yulhee debuted with the girl group LABOUM in 2014, but left the group last year in November due to pregnancy. The couple will have their wedding on October 19th, after Yulhee is fully healthy from the childbirth.

  1. [+4138 / -120] Please don’t swear~~ At least they take responsibility and not throwing the baby away at an early age.
  2. [+1701 / -38] Applause for trying to be responsible rather than irresponsible … You won’t have any problems if you are at a young age… what is your age? Anyway, it isn’t our life, let’s not judge.
  3. [+807 / -26] All you have to do is to take responsibility.
  4. [+200 / -70] Are you planning to go to ‘Superman is Back’?
  5. [+97 / -7] Oh.. you have a baby already… these days there are many young people so irresponsible. It’s nice that you have the courage to be a parent and to take care of a baby! I hope you will come back healthy again later.
  6. [+79 / -19] It is so nice to be parents at young age ㅠㅠ It is really great when you’re older.
  7. [+82 / -27] The father is 27 years old and mother is 22 years old, what is young about it? Our parents gave birth to us at this age as well.
  8. [+67 / -16] What already gave birth??? So when did you get pregnant? ㅉㅉㅉ
  9. [+41 / -4] A one-night fault between lovers… , However, it is good to have a family with responsibility.~^^ I’m sorry but all is left from FTISLAND is Hongki ㅜㅠ
  10. [+20 / -7] Congratulations! Be happy.


BLACKPINK Reveal Their Official Lightstick, to Be Released on May 28th

YG Entertainment revealed BLACKPINK‘s official lightstick on May 23rd through the “YG SELECT” Instagram.

The BLACKPINK lightstick was most emphasized in terms of appearance and function. Lovely heart-shaped pink hammers and chic black sticks are combined to create a unique lightstick that has never seen before. The lightstick boasts a charm that resembles BLACKPINK, attracting the attention and stimulates the desire to buy one.

It was also revealed that the BLACKPINK members themselves participated in the design stage and added value. In addition, the ON / OFF function was also inserted to prevent interference during the performance. The light can be adjusted to ‘normal mode’ where light is continuously turned on according to the number of times the power button was pressed, or to ‘response mode’ that responds to the bass sound.

BLACKPINK, who confirmed their comeback in June,  is preparing for the perfect music and stage more than ever.

  1. [+219 / -15] YG lightsticks are all pretty, but why BLACKPINK’s design is this…
  2. [+73 / -7] BLACKPINK ligthstick~ Unique and cute~♡♡♡♡
  3. [+70 / -13] The official lightstick looks fine… but the fanmade designs I have seen were so much better. Luxurious looking.
  4. [+41 / -9] Unique and so cute ㅋ
  5. [+27 / -1] I want to buy it~
  6. [+12 / -1] I’m angry because some of the foreign fans’ ideas were better than this.
  7. [+10 / -0] It’s really special and unique ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+7 / -0] Can I hit Hyun Suk with that?
  9. [+7 / -0] The members participated in the design phase from the beginning. Jisoo designed it. Speaking of the fourth dimension..
  10. [+7 / -0] The nickname of the lightstick is Blnir (BLACKPINK+Mjölnir)


BLACKPINK Adds One More Show to Japanese Tour Due to Explosive Demand

BLACKPINK has added one more show to the Arena tour due to its explosive popularity in Japan.

BLACKPINK is scheduled to perform at Fukuoka Convention Center and Makuhari Messe for their 6-shows ‘BLACKPINK ARENA TOUR 2018’ starting from July 24th.

However, due to requests from fans, an additional show confirmed to be held on August 24th at Makuhari Messe Event Hall.

So it is confirmed that BLACKPINK will perform 7-shows in 3 cities at Osaka Hall on July 24-25, Fukuoka Convention Center on August 16-17 and Makuhari Messe Event Hall on August 24-26.

  1. [+19 / -2] In Korea all we get is few singles, not even an album, but Japan gets a tour.
  2. [+7 / -1] Please make a comeback.. please
  3. [+6 / -1] GODPINK~~~~Congratulutions!!!! Let’s go for a world tour~~~~♡♡♡♡
  4. [+4 / -0] My girls are doing great! Hopefully, we will see them soon!
  5. [+4 / -2] Why this article is being republished over and over again? And each time there is no comments at all.


Singer Kangnam Has Been Involved in a 5-Way Car Accident

On April 28th, it was revealed that Kangnam was involved in a car accident involving 5 vehicles on the Gyeongbu Gosokdoro/Gyeonbu Express while on his way to schedules in Chungju.

The car that Kangnam was in suddenly braked causing the cars behind to run into his vehicle (sudden braking caused by the car in front of Kangnam’s made them to a sudden stop).

Currently, Kangnam and his stylist who were in the vehicle are being taken to the Chungbuk national university hospital.

  1. [+154 / -19] I hope there are no injuries.
  2. [+13 / -11] Don’t bash the person when he is injured… you will make him hurt even more.
  3. [+13 / -7] I hope it was not a big deal..
  4. [+11 / -2] Ah what with that bad news ㅠㅠ Hopefully everyone is fine ㅠㅠ
  5. [+10 / -2] Why there are even malicious comments?
  6. [+8 / -2] I thought there was a car accident in Gangnam.
  7. [+6 / -3] hope you were not hurt much.


Shocking, Kim Jong Un is the Same Age as 2NE1’s Sandara Park?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un‘s age is the talk of the town. The fact that Kim Jong-un and the popular girl group member 2NE1‘s Sandara Park are the same age is shocking Internet users.

Today, April 27,  Kim Jong-un became the first North Korean leader to set foot in South Korean-controlled territory, starting a historic summit meeting with the South’s president Moon Jae-in. During a visit to the first floor of the House of Peace at Panmunjeom, Kim reportedly wrote in the guest book, “A new history begins now.”

Public interest in Kim Jong-un’s age is also growing. Born in 1984, Kim Jong-un is 35 years old this year. Among celebrities, he is the same age as 2NE1‘s Sandra Park, also known as Dara. Internet users who read the news are expressing shock at the news.

  1. [+1,210 / -42] This story is nonsense ~~ Do not write articles that do not sound like words. ㅋㅋㅋ
  2. [+896 / -28] One or two people in the same age … The reporter is trying to raise his views on articles that do not seem to be newsworthy.
  3. [+488 / -18] Foreign media outlets can’t believe our news, so they fly all the way from their far countries to cover the stories themselves. Today as well, our stupid reporters have nothing to deliver.
  4. [+11 / -2] Garbage reporter. An article that couldn’t even be published in an elementary school…ㄷㄷㄷ
  5. [+10 / -0] This is why there is a difference between foreign and Korean reporters ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+8 / -1] I don’t think it’s worth the time ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+7 / -2] What is this unexpected article?
  8. [+5 / -0] How old is the idiot journalist who has no knowledge and wrote this stupid article??
  9. [+5 / -0] Seriously ㅎㅎ I doubt the journalist has a brain.
  10. [+4 / -0] Crazy reporter. Is it the first time they are the same age? Stop talking rubbish that doesn’t sound like much.


2AM’s Jo Kwon Pays Tribute to Avicii

Jo Kwon delivered mourning to the popular DJ Avicii death.

On April 21, singer Jo Kwon posted a post on his official Instagram account on the death of DJ Avicii. Jo Kwon said in English, “R.I.P @avicii I’m very sad to hear the news of Avicii’s passing. He wrote the tracks for the song Animal, which was a single in my first solo album. It was a privilege to work with him.”

Avicii has participated in the production of Jo Kwon’s 1st solo album back in 2012.

  1. [+276 / -53] I mistakenly read it as his father died (** father, 어버지, and Avicii, 아비치 are quite similar in Korean)
  2. [+151 / -46] Is this the one that was judging Han Jyung-il?
  3. [+122 / -43] Hyung, see you in Itaweon.
  4. [+36 / -41] He uses the death of others to show off his career.
  5. [+36 / -33] The guy who tried to use his status to get a diploma at the university ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Now he is advertising his work using the death of a person!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. [+19 / -28] Have you ever wondered why you were hired to practice for so long in JYP and sign up for it, but without a renewal? You used to do a lot of entertainment shows, but it’s over without any blinking, isn’t it?
  7. [+18 / -9] College liar
  8. [+17 / -10] Didn’t you go to the army?
  9. [+17 / -17] Why it feels so cheesy
  10. [+15 / -16] Sleep at home and don’t return on TV.


Jellyfish Entertainment, Home to VIXX, Purchased a $14 Million USD Building

Hwang Se-joon, CEO of Jellyfish Entertainment, home to popular group VIXX, bought the new building in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam, Seoul for 14 billion won (approx 13.15 million USD) last January.

The new building is a 5-story building with a total floor space of 1650 square meters. The property was transferred to Hwang on February 28th.

Jellyfish, which does not currently have a private office like SM or YG, will remodel the building and use it as the official home office for their company and artists.

Jellyfish is one of the leading entertainment companies in Korea, including top artists such as Seo In-kook, VIXX, gugudan, Park Jung-soo, Lee Jong-won, Kim Sun-young, Park Jung-ae, Park Ye-jin and Hyun Ju. Jellyfish produce music, dramas, musicals, performances and so on.

In 2014, the company’s sales exceeded 10 billion won (approx 9.38 million USD) as the annual sales increased. As of June last year, sales reached 22.978 billion won (approx 21.5 million USD).

  1. [+293 / -7] That building costs 10 million dollars…
  2. [+209 / -4] So did Park Jin-young and Yang Hyun-seok. Getting a monthly rent from the company after buying the building. ㅋㅋ
  3. [+131 / -4] Did you say you they bought it under the name of the CEO, not under the company??? So the company going to pay rental fees to the CEO…
  4. [+11 / -1] Park Hyo-shin, Sung Si-kyung, and all of the money-making kids are out… But I guess they have enough money to buy a new building
  5. [+11 / -1] Pay more attention to VIXX….
  6. [+7 / -0]  Doesn’t look like it was a good buy
  7. [+6 / -1] That’s 10 million dollars..??
  8. [+4 / -0]  Korea’s economy should refrain from pushing up the price of its own apartment buildings. As the Korean economy rises, it is more likely for the economy to face the risk of falling into a bubble, and when it will burst it will hurt everyone.
  9. [+4 / -0] Seoul is really expensive. If you look at the news, you will see that one room in Seoul costs more than a full apartment in other areas as well as the countryside. Yet, I still want to go to Seoul ㅇㅅㅇ
  10. [+4 / -0] Well, maybe the celebrities will buy all the buildings.


JYP Nation is Now On Spotify

After a long time of waiting, the day has finally come – JYP entertainment music is finally on Spotify.

Although the profiles aren’t completed yet and not all of the albums are there (yet), fans are all hyped because of their favorite singers are now in the common platform.

Check out the following profiles of JYP artists:



Baek A Yeon

Baek Yerin

Bernard Park




J.Y. Park

JJ Project

Miss A

Park Jimin

Stray Kids (Coming Soon)



Wonder Girls