BTS’s Suga Shares Dreamy Picture Wishing Goodnight to Fans

BTS’s Suga greeted his fans and wished them goodnight in a recent picture shared via official social media.

Sugar has posted a selfie through BTS’s official Instagram account along with the short caption saying “Good Night.” The photo shows Suga, who is lying in bed and taking a selfie before going to sleep.

On the other hand, Suga and his group BTS, will come back on the 18th with their 3rd full-length album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’. The album already made headlines as it became the top seller in the U.S Amazon store just in a single day.

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  3. [+234 / -1] Handsome Suga
  4. [+224 / -2] A person who is really thoughtful and heartwarming
  5. [+217 / -2] I love you BTS
  6. [+28 / -0] BTS FOREVER
  7. [+28 / -0] BTS and Suga are really thoughtful and loves their fans. I really enjoyed their Japanese album, and I’m sure they will show even better and cooler performance and side of them in the upcoming comeback. We love you Suga! ♡♡♡
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