BTS ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Tear’ Sold 1 Million Records in Less Than a Week

The unstoppable group BTS has set a new record by surpassing 1 million sold copies of their latest album ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Tear’.

Based on Hanteo Chart, the third full-length album, ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Tear‘ sold one million copies in the early afternoon of May 24th.

The album broke the initial record of BTS, writing a new history in the Korean music industry. In addition, the album is the best in the history of BTS’ albums, breaking their own records and making them ‘Double Million Sellers’. ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Her‘, which was released last year, has sold 759,263 copies in the first week of its release and sold 1.2 million copies 13 days after its release.

BTS’s third album drew attention by exceeding 1.44 million pre-ordered copies in Korea alone before its release. Due to the high popularity of BTS the sales of the first 1 million units were fast. If the company adds the sales volume of its overseas albums, it can expect the biggest sales record ever.

  1. [+531 / -5] The rival of BTS is yesterday’s BTS. Congratulations! Shine even more.
  2. [+376 / -0] It is not a 20 years record, but the first time since Hanteo started its chart in 1993. That is the first record since the chart was created.
  3. [+180 / -1] The first time since 1993, BTS has set a milestone of 1 million copies for the first time ㅠ I felt the passion, talent, and effort in your stage at the comeback show.
  4. [+165 / -1] As expected from BTS… what can I say. Wow.
  5. [+80 / -0] Living in 2018, and seeing records that surpass the 90’s record sales. Nowadays, BTS are the one to sell a million copies with a single album, and also the only one to sell one million copies in a week.
  6. [+25 / -0] Selling 1 million records in Korea alone… crazy ..ㅠㅠ BTS is really great. To be honest, the album is so good that all of the songs are worthy to be title songs.
  7. [+20 / -0] Congratulations BTS! It is the best record since Hanteo created its charts back then in 1993. It’s the best of all boy bands. They’re writing a new history in the Korean pop music industry. I hope that there will be many articles telling the truth, rather than trying to keep them in the category of idol or boy band.
  8. [+19 / -0] The record of selling 1 million copies is truly impressive. We are talking about times when music clubs were famous in Korea and albums were the only way to listen to music. We are now in the era of digital and streaming music rather buying albums. I don’t think it’s just a record that fans can buy and pay for. Let’s look forward to the future activities by BTS!
  9. [+15 / -0] After the disappearance of CDs a million records sold is something that I wasn’t expecting to see… If you have well-made music and good quality products it is now proven to be able to sell that many albums ㅠ
  10. [+15 / -1] Congratulations! Way to go boys!