BTS’s “FACE YOURSELF” Hits #1 Place in 49 Different Countries

Title: “Bangtan Boys 3rd Japanese album ‘FACE YOURSELF’ lands #1 in 49 countries” (Source)

BTS’s (RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, Jhope, Jungkook, V) Japanese album ‘FACE YOURSELF‘ is 1st place on 49 iTunes charts around the world.

Especially the song ‘Don’t Leave Me‘ achieved 1st in 35 different countries. The song will be used as a theme song for the Japanese remake version of the drama ‘Signal’, which was greatly loved in Korea.

‘FACE YOURSELF’ which is loved by many people around the world composed of the original Japanese songs ‘Don’t Leave Me’, ‘Let Go’ and Japanese remakes of their hits songs ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’, ‘DNA’, ‘MIC Drop’, ‘Spring Day’, ‘Best Of Me’, ‘Not Today’.

On the other hand, BTS will hold a Japanese official fan meeting ‘BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FAN MEETING VOL.4 ~Happy Ever After~’ at Yokohama Arena from April 18th to 21st and Osaka Castle Hall from 23rd to 24th.

  1. [+1387 / -13] I can’t speak Japanese but it was moving enough. It was probably because I could feel their feelings in the songs. In the world of music played by BTS, language, religion, race, and age doesn’t matter. We all share our hearts…
  2. [+1167 / -10] As expected, BTS is in a different class ♡
  3. [+1106 / -10] G ahead Bangtan~~I listened to the album all night long. I felt the emotions once again and language barriers didn’t matter at all.
  4. [+1005 / -11] bts face yourself
  5. [+952 / -10] I like the song~
  6. [+189 / -2] BTS! Once inside, there is no exit “One hour, two hours,… one year, two years…”… BTS exhausted themselves to make their name out there and they finally achieve it day by day.
  7. [+178 / -1] I feel like they are talking right into my heart. I don’t understand the words, but I like the song very much ㅜㅜ
  8. [+158 / -1] Japanese album ㅜㅜSeriously awesome!!
  9. [+147 / -1] Wonder class after all
  10. [+140 / -1] It’s so good to hear it at midnight ㅜㅜ I would like to see BTS releasing Korean album soon too