[Breaking] Lee Dong Wook and Suzy Are Dating! ♥

Title: “Lee Dong Wook ♥ Suzy – The birth of a top star couple” (Source)

Actors Lee Dong Wook (36) and Suzy (23) are in love. The two work together in the entertainment world and have recently developed into lovers.
The TV report witnessed the couple dating in Cheongdam-dong. They seemed to be conscious of their surroundings while enjoying their date.

  1. [+20685 / -7561] Suzy stop going out with ahjussis (= middle-aged men) and go meet younger men.
  2. [+10423 / -520] Show me the pictures or I’m not buying it.
  3. [+8077 / -543] Show the proof.
  4. [+3122 / -819] Lee Dong Wook is cool… I feel bad for him…
  5. [+2627 / -82] Looks like Suzy’s style is the greasy dark faces…!

** The article, as well as the comments, were written before it was confirmed by both sides.

Title: “’13 Years apart lovers’… Lee Dong Wook ♥ Suzy, Supportive VS Concerned opinions” (Source)

On March 9th, Lee Dong Wook and Suzy confirmed that they are dating.

Suzy, ex-member of the group ‘Miss A’ made her debut as an actress in the movie ‘Introduction to Architecture’. She is considered the national sweetheart and is loved by everyone in Korea. In addition, Lee Dong Wook is the actor who recently appeared in the hit drama ‘Goblin’ and is in his prime in terms of love by the public.

With their given popularity, it is no wonder that their dating news was the subject of interest since the first report in the morning. Another reason why their love is attracting attention is their age difference, in addition to their position as top stars. The age difference between Lee Dong Wook and Suzy is 13 years old!

Like the two people’s popularity, dating has become the subject of interest since the first report of the morning today to occupy the highest rank of the real-time search term of the portal site until now.

  1. [+1981 / -43] The reports should just stay quiet.
  2. [+1331 / -52] Why the hell are you worried?
  3. [+1261 / -40] Do not worry about it, and let’s hope they will love each another. As for the reports, you should reflect for invading celebrities private life.
  4. [+1122 / -41] Why should anyone who is young and unmarried be worried about meeting? Just let it go.
  5. [+842 / -40] These two will care about themselves ㅋㅋ