[Breaking] Jo Min-ki Found Dead in Gwangjin-gu

Title: “‘Suspected of molesting students’ Jo Min-ki, found dead in Gwangjin-gu” (Source)

Jo Min-ki, an actor who has been suspected of sexually harassing his students, was found dead today, March 9th, at 4:05 pm in his apartment at Gui-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

On February 22, 2018, Jo Min-ki was accused of sexually harassing his students, which he initially denied. It was then revealed that he had resigned from a teaching post at Cheongju University and dropped out of his upcoming drama Children of a Lesser God. A week later, Jo apologized and admitted to the allegations. It was confirmed that Jo would be investigated by the police.
He was best known for his roles in the television series Love and Ambition, East of Eden, Queen Seondeok and Flames of Desire.

  1. [+12964 / -1023] He ran away from the punishment.
  2. [+11748 / -985] This is the ultimate apology…
  3. [+11035 / -641] This isn’t right. You had to get punished, why you had to die.
  4. [+8091 / -387] Wow, I have no words.
  5. [+4145 / -140] I am sorry for the deceased, but this is selfish to the end… his family… and the victims…
  6. [+3997 / -290] I hope that the victims won’t feel guilty because of this. Find courage!
  7. [+3838 / -170] You’re mean until the end.
  8. [+3513 / -108] You should have apologized to the brave families who were hurt by you. There are many people whom you did mean stuff to.