BLACKPINK Reveal Their Official Lightstick, to Be Released on May 28th

YG Entertainment revealed BLACKPINK‘s official lightstick on May 23rd through the “YG SELECT” Instagram.

The BLACKPINK lightstick was most emphasized in terms of appearance and function. Lovely heart-shaped pink hammers and chic black sticks are combined to create a unique lightstick that has never seen before. The lightstick boasts a charm that resembles BLACKPINK, attracting the attention and stimulates the desire to buy one.

It was also revealed that the BLACKPINK members themselves participated in the design stage and added value. In addition, the ON / OFF function was also inserted to prevent interference during the performance. The light can be adjusted to ‘normal mode’ where light is continuously turned on according to the number of times the power button was pressed, or to ‘response mode’ that responds to the bass sound.

BLACKPINK, who confirmed their comeback in June,  is preparing for the perfect music and stage more than ever.

  1. [+219 / -15] YG lightsticks are all pretty, but why BLACKPINK’s design is this…
  2. [+73 / -7] BLACKPINK ligthstick~ Unique and cute~♡♡♡♡
  3. [+70 / -13] The official lightstick looks fine… but the fanmade designs I have seen were so much better. Luxurious looking.
  4. [+41 / -9] Unique and so cute ㅋ
  5. [+27 / -1] I want to buy it~
  6. [+12 / -1] I’m angry because some of the foreign fans’ ideas were better than this.
  7. [+10 / -0] It’s really special and unique ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+7 / -0] Can I hit Hyun Suk with that?
  9. [+7 / -0] The members participated in the design phase from the beginning. Jisoo designed it. Speaking of the fourth dimension..
  10. [+7 / -0] The nickname of the lightstick is Blnir (BLACKPINK+Mjölnir)