BIGBANG Wants You To Walk Only on “Flower Road” With New Release

Title: “‘We will meet again’, BIGBANG’s ‘Flower Road’, only 2 hours after the release and it topped 8 charts” (Source)

Big Bang’s new song ‘Flower Road’ was unveiled today, March 13th, at 6:00 PM and already topped the 8 most important music charts – including Melon, Mnet, olle, Naver Music, Bugs, Soribada and Monkey3.

The new song drew lots of attention before it was released as it is their newest song after a year and three months ago. In addition, it is a gift to the fans before the full enlistment of the group.

Big Bang, promised to reunite with the fans by singing “This is not the end of us. Hope we meet again when all flowers bloom”. They beautifully reminisce about the fans who have stayed with them for 12 years since their debut.

  1. [+3679 / -165] I like the song so much. Like always, BIGBANG’s music is above the expectations.
  2. [+2920 / -125] As soon as the song got released we hit the roof… and now we are walking on the roof.
  3. [+2832 / -122] Take care of yourself BIGBANG!
  4. [+2452 / -123] I will wait for you patiently.
  5. [+2296 / -107] BIGBANG fighting~~~~~

Title: “BIGBANG’s ‘Flower Road’ tops the charts” (Source)

  1. [+1117 / -37] Wow we made it 1st on all charts at the same moment.
  2. [+1047 / -32] As expected from BIGBANG!!
  3. [+992 / -29] BIGBANG are really legends.
  4. [+800 / -32] I’m iKONIC but BIGBANG are really cool ㅠㅠ I will cheer for you!!
  5. [+235 / -9] 2000s music world starts with BIGBANG and ends with BIGBANG.