Apink’s Namjoo Celebrates Her 24th Birthday!

Kim Namjoo, a member of the girl group Apink has celebrated her birthday on April 15th.

On April 15, Apink posted on their official accounts a picture of Namjoo, along with the caption “Today is our baby’s birthday.” They added and said, “Please congratulate Namjoo on her birthday so that her two eyes could be blown with the thrill of Pandas.”

Apink will make a comeback on 19 April 2018 with the release of a special single ‘Miracle’ for the 7th anniversary of their debut. Followed by, on the 21st, they will hold their fan meeting “PINK CINEMA” which be held at the Ocean Hall of Sejong University in Seoul.

  1. [+911 / -112] We can’t celebrate your birthday properly because everyone talks about your face…;;
  2. [+785 / -67] Happy Birthday~ I am not a fan, but I was surprised to hear how well Namjoo sang on ‘King of Masked Singer’.
    Thank you for being born in this world, please know that you are loved by many people.
  3. [+652 / -64] Happy birthday to miraculous Namjoo ❤
  4. [+538 / -70] Pretty ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅡ
  5. [+494 / -57] Happy birthday with the eternal love of Pandas to the loved Namjoo #OurNamjoo_Pretty_24
  6. [+103 / -26] Happy Birthday Namjoo
  7. [+92 / -28] HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~ ^^
  8. [+71 / -4] Happy birthday Namjoo. Make sure to smile on your 24th birthday and always stay happy. I sincerely congratulate you and will always love you.
  9. [+64 / -15] I think we can stop talking about the other topic, and congratulate this girl today, Happy birthday.