Apink’s Namjoo Takes a Break in a Yellow Pastel Dress

Apink’s Kim Namjoo has shared her recent status on Instagram on April 4th.

The picture was taken while Namjoo leaning on the sofa comfortably. In the picture, Namjoo is dressed in a yellow pastel dress, while her hair is dyed in light brown and smiling warmly at the camera.

Apink, who recently celebrated their 7th anniversary, released the special single “Miracle”.

  1. [+383 / -9] Got plastic surgery done and looks like in her 30s;;;;;;;;
  2. [+345 / -9] She became a totally different person..
  3. [+301 / -8] The fans who were shielding and saying that was her original face are now all stopped ㅋㅋㅋ
  4. [+30 / -1] In the first picture it looks like a pregnant woman waiting for treatment at the maternity clinic
  5. [+30 / -0] Waiting in a clinic…
  6. [+22 / -0] It’s like she is waiting at the gynecologist.
  7. [+21 / -0] I thought you were pregnant. It would be better to get the picture down …
  8. [+20 / -0] A photo of a pregnant woman who came to see a gynecologist… Was it an idol?
  9. [+16 / -0] Like a to be mom waiting for a gynecologist.
  10. [+16 / -0] Waiting in a hospital!