Apink’s Namjoo Shocks Fans With Her Changed Looks

Girl group A Pink member Kim Nam Joo has been embroiled in a plastic surgery scandal.

On Friday morning, April 13th, Apink attended the annual African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC) meeting as KOAFEC special ambassador. The annual meeting was held at KT Square Dream Hall in Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

At that day many people found out that Kim Namjoo’s appearance has changed dramatically. After Namjoo‘s pictures from the meeting were released, ” Apink Kim Namjoo” became the most searched keyword on the major portals, drawing attention from the public.

Netizens speculate that Namjoo went through some plastic surgeries, but Apink’s agency, Plan A Entertainment, has not come up with a specific answer just yet.

On the other hand, Apink will release a special single “Miracle Story” on the 19th. Followed by, on the 21st, Apink will hold their fan meeting ‘PINK CINEMA‘. Apink, with Naver Happy Bin and the Furumi Foundation, will donate part of the sales revenue of this album to celebrate their 7th anniversary even more meaningfully.


  1. [+2143 / -40] Aren’t they all 3 different people?
  2. [+2016 / -134] This is a complete death sentence for plastic surgery. Just bit more and she will look like Michael Jackson. This is a non-recoverable one. Where have you done it? With this kind of low level, the surgeon should be sued.
  3. [+1570 / -36] That’s not Namjoo? That’s someone else, right?
  4. [+1242 / -74] Somehow similar to SNSD‘s Sunny
  5. [+998 / -29] I think it is enough now… Cheer up.
  6. [+410 / -5] I guess she won’t be able to get her nose back down as it might turn out even worst… She really shouldn’t have done this time…
  7. [+400 / -5] It wasn’t worth it…..
  8. [+386 / -2] Shouldn’t the doctor compensate you for that?
  9. [+335 / -4] Why did you do it.. ㅠㅜ You really shouldn’t have touched the nose… seriously.. ㅠㅜ
  10. [+255 / -0] I mean.. why would you do it when your old face looked just fine???