Apink’s Naeun Is The Goddess of Innocent Spring in ‘Miracle Story’ Teasers

A Pink’s Son Naeun has shown a mood of spring in the teaser of the special single ‘Miracle Story‘.

Apink’s agency, Plan A Entertainment posted the teasers of Naeun for the special single ‘Miracle Story’ on its official social media on the 14th.

In the teaser, Naeun turned into a painter and showed a different side of her. In the middle of the room where the canvas and art tools and pictures were painted with pastel paints, the pure beauty of Nauen with white blouse and jeans shone. Naeun stares at the front with her subtle eyes, and with her unique attractive pose and expression, while holding her long hair in one hand. The warm color of the teaser reminds a fresh spring day.

Apink are going to show off their miraculous story by transforming into a movie’s main character in the photobook of the newly released special single ‘Miracle Story’. As soon as the teasers of the members of Apink who are separated by the movie character are released, expectations about the album are getting higher.


  1. [+949 / -42] Why isn’t the tag Son Naeun but Kim Namju;;
  2. [+572 / -103] She must be a true goddess.
  3. [+459 / -93] Goddess…♥
  4. [+451 / -93] Really beautiful and innocent looking
  5. [+393 / -81] You are beautiful today as well~ I’ll be looking forward to the 19th!
  6. [+102 / -23] Son Naeun is super pretty… The photos turned out well..
  7. [+87 / -22] As expected from the number one visual;;; Apink are such natural beauties!! Let’s make this album into a big hit!!!
  8. [+85 / -20] I like this one
  9. [+76 / -18] The mood is so good and it shows different sides and more colors of Son Naeun!!
  10. [+81 / -25] Girl group superior beauty