AOA to Make Comeback on May 28th, First Comeback Since ChoA Left

On May 10th, it was confirmed that AOA will be making their comeback on May 28th. The group is currently preparing for their comeback and are in the final steps.

This will be AOA’s first comeback as a group of 6 since the departure of member ChoA who left the group last year. The group revealed to have prepared for this comeback strongly through the heart.

Because the members of AOA have a high degree in musicality, the group is expected to do well being regrouped as 6.

This will be AOA’s first comeback in over a year and four months since their last release that was in January of last year.

  1. [+37 / -0] Wowowow they also made an official Instagram account today, I’ll look forward to it ~~♡♡
  2. [+21 / -0] AOA Fighting!!! I really waited a lotㅠ
  3. [+13 / -0] I really waited for a long time
  4. [+10 / -0] Finalllyyy comebackkkkk ㅠㅠ
  5. [+9 / -0] I love you members..
  6. [+5 / -0] Wa finally a comebackㅠㅠ I’m looking forward to you guys!
  7. [+4 / -0] Wow~~~~I can’t wait to see it~~~Uncompetitionable AOA, this time again it will be a hit!~~~~~
  8. [+2 / -0] I’ve been waiting so long!
  9. [+2 / -0] AOA Fighting ♡♡♡
  10. [+1 / -0] Teasers are expected to be released from May 22th~^^