AOA’s Seolhyun Sends Love To Her Group All the Way From Switzerland

AOA‘s Seolhyun shared with fans some photos of her trip to Switzerland.

On April 28, Seolhyun posted a series of pictures on her official Instagram accounts. In the pictures, Seolhyun can be found in various backgrounds of the Switzerland snowy mountains or having fun around the city. One picture especially drew attention, as Seolhyun’s group, AOA was written all over the snow in big letters. The fans were excited to see her updates, as well as the love she sent to her group waiting in Korea.

  1. [+435 / -312] Having fun in Swiss~ Unchanged Kindokkang~
  2. [+356 / -277] No matter what you do, you’re still Zico’s girlfriend
  3. [+263 / -163] Pretty…really pretty…..Is she pretty?
  4. [+230 / -156] I do not know if her face is pretty … I just know it’s black.
  5. [+166 / -92] Let’s wash our face~
  6. [+139 / -63] It’s too dark, I can’t see it.
  7. [+127 / -51] I have no idea how she became a celebrity.
  8. [+56 / -58] Why people praise Suzy no matter what, but in Seolhyun’s articles, they are all mean… are people that bitter?
  9. [+47 / -39] Nate’s most popular person.
  10. [+46 / -12] France… Swiss… I envy you.