AOA’s Seolhyun Reveals Her Ideal Type and He Isn’t Korean

Seolhyun has participated in the recent SBS ‘Running Man’ with fellow member AOA‘s Hyejeong, MOMOLAND‘s JooE and WJSN‘s Dayoung.

Seolhyun showed her unique presence from the beginning of the recording, and the male members could not take their eyes off her. In particular, when the production crew said, “Today is a couple race” the mood of the members got much more uplifted.

Members asked about Seolhyun’s ideal type, to what she responded with,”He is not Korean. Recently after watching movie ‘Avenger’, I became a fan of Thor.” The members who could not find any common ground with Thor were sad, but Ji Suk Jin quickly said Kim Jong Kook was “Thor of the Running Man” making him smiling a shy smile at the unexpected comment.

  1. [+425 / -128] As expected, she is pretty.
  2. [+393 / -124] Her ideal type is always changing, our Seolhyun is pretty.
  3. [+347 / -124] I think Seolhyun is pretty ㅜㅜ
  4. [+58 / -26] Thor is not this uncle Kim Jong Kook..
  5. [+56 / -16] Thor is her ideal type, so why Kim Jong Kook is satisfied ??
  6. [+52 / -14] My 50 years old dad looks at Seolhyun and feels fulfilled.
  7. [+48 / -18] What a beautiful classy Korean Seolhyun is.
  8. [+42 / -41] Nate women only hate on pretty girls, because of their inferiority complex and jealousy. You have to correct the habit of making malicious comments. She didn’t do anything wrong. Seolhyun is getting hate just because she is pretty and popular with men.