Actress Shin Ji-soo is All Happy Walking Her Dog

On April 10th, actress Shin Ji-soo shared on her Instagram account “Capturing this moment was difficult, but the world is as bright as this face #Dogwalk #Spring.”.

In the photo, Shin Ji-soo can be seen walking her dog during the spring. Looking at the camera, Shin Ji-soo, a pregnant woman who is making an innocent smile, looks all happy and lively.

On the other hand, Shin Ji-soo held a private wedding ceremony last November with Lee Ha-I, a music producer who is 4 years older than he. Shin Ji-soo is now in her thirteenth week of pregnancy and is expecting a baby in July 2018. Since making her debut with SBS‘s “Virtue” in 2000, Shin Ji-soo has been loved by viewers by appearing in various works such as ‘Famous Chil Princesses‘, ‘Scent of a Woman‘ and ‘Big‘.

  1. [+600 / -94] She is pretty but why does she look artificial?
  2. [+501 / -92] Why are your eyes so wide open? Are you playing magic?
  3. [+413 / -130] She lives in a bizarre way…
  4. [+395 / -58] Oh my..the photo…I was surprised..ㅡㅡ; Oh my god..
  5. [+319 / -58] Well well… at least you’re happy
  6. [+86 / -2] Why did not you take a pretty picture of yourself? It looks like a doll in a horror movie.
  7. [+75 / -4] How to make your eyes glow
  8. [+71 / -3] She was cute and pretty but as soon as she redone her eyes she looks like Japanese woman…
  9. [+53 / -3] A picture out of a horror movie …
  10. [+42 / -0] She doesn’t look like the old Shin Ji-soo. No more plastic surgeries ㅠYour old face was prettier and much cuter.