Actor Yoo Ha-joon Gets Married To A Non-Celebrity Wife

Yoo Ha Joon got married to his two-year-old girlfriend at a hotel in Seoul. The wedding ceremony was held in consideration of his girlfriend, and only his immediate family was invited.

Yoon Ha Joon graduated from Yongin University, Department of Drama, and made his debut with the movie ‘Circle’ in 2003. His other works were ‘Low Life’ and ‘The Restless’, and appeared in the drama ‘One Fine Day’ as Sung Yuri’s brother, Roh Tae-won, and left a strong impression. Last February he appeared on the web drama ‘Short’, and now reviewing his next film.

Yoon Ha Joon said, “I was not active because I had a car accident last year, and it is all over. I am going to actively perform after marriage.”

  1. [+2119 / -229] Who is Yoon Ha Joon?
  2. [+1016 / -96] TVReport..? Are you Yoon Ha Joon’s family? As you’re the only one who reports about this ..
  3. [+925 / -115] I have no idea who is this… this is the third time I’ve seen this article on the main page.
  4. [+657 / -125] It is our country’s character to see only say negative things and not positive
  5. [+183 / -26] I have searched it and he debuted in 2003. He’s been in the entertainment industry for a long time. If you don’t know who he is then it better if you won’t leave hurtful comments like this ㅠㅜ Better ignore it and not hurt other’s feelings.