Actor Kim Bum To Enlist As Public Service Worker

Actor Kim Bum will enlist on April 26th where he will begin his mandatory service as a public service worker.

Kim Bum’s agency King Kong by Starship stated on the 12th, “Kim Bum was judged for a public service worker for health reasons. After receiving basic military training, he will start serving as a public service worker for about two years.”

“Please respect the outcomes and understand that the detailed location and schedule of Kim Bum’s imprisonment should be carried out behind closed doors.” said a company official.

The agency also explained that “Kim Bum’s inherited disease has caused him to have regular therapy since his early 20s. He tried to overcome it by concentrating on medication therapy and exercise, but in the end, he was judged as a public service worker”.

  1. [+8191 / -182] Those who work in the entertainment industry are socially vulnerable. What kind of diseases do they all have…
  2. [+7366 / -158] ㅋㅋㅋ Isn’t it necessary to have a disease to be an entertainer?ㅋㅋㅋ Disease is a prerequisite for celebrity status.
  3. [+4912 / -109] What genetic disease? He still works every day just fine…
  4. [+4561 / -120] Why do many Korean celebrities have either genetic or rare diseases? Then the entertainers who are exempted from military service are either disabled or the sons of God…
  5. [+3652 / -176] Compulsive disorder??
  6. [+1217 / -16] Only makes me respect Yoo Seung-ho more.
  7. [+1207 / -29] Kwanghee was a real man.
  8. [+1101 / -21] Let’s just tell them not to go and contribute a large sum of money to cure all of the diseases we’ve never even heard of before. And I think it would be a better idea if the money was spent transparently to take care of the corrosion and replace the aging equipment.
  9. [+861 / -9] Lim Seulong too said he suffers from internal disc disruption and removed from active duty as if it was a rare condition. ㅋㅋㅋ
  10. [+826 / -10] It seems like a common celebrity disease