Actor Daniel Henney Poses For ‘L’Officiel Hommes’

Actor Daniel Henney has unveiled series of pictures showing his exploding masculine charm.

Daniel Henney released three photos on his Twitter page with the caption “What is the best photo for this magazine cover?”

Daniel Henney draws attention as he shows off three different themes in the pictures. In the first picture showed he showed his strong figure. In the second picture, a gentle glance of his soft eyes gave off a vibe of boy’s charm that still lingered. In the last photo, he shows a sense of prudence.

Daniel Henney said, “I changed the most outfits in this photoshoot than in my entire career and I had so much fun.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Henney has been featured on the LA special episode in MBC TV’s ‘I Live Alone’ on the 6th.


  1. [+162 / -4] I envy his handsomeness… He has the best character
  2. [+135 / -3] He was so sweet and gentle on ‘I Live Alone’ that I threw my pen on the desk while watching ㅋㅋㅋ So sweet
  3. [+126 / -4] Much cooler than Hollywood stars.
  4. [+90 / -4] Oh my, the ending boss.
  5. [+80 / -3] Ha…. oh…. he’s got a lot of manners.
  6. [+26 / -3] Wow, Daniel Henney is really nice and handsome.
  7. [+22 / -3] So cool ♡
  8. [+19 / -3] Even if he will wear a rug it will look like it was taken from a photoshoot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  9. [+13 / -3] Where can you buy Henney’s genes?
  10. [+11 / -3] Face genius ㅎㅎ ( = Handsome man)