A.C.E Will Make a Comeback on June 7th with Repackage Album

A.C.E‘s company has announced the group’s comeback date for June 7th. With the exception of their special album ‘5TAR (Incompletion)’, this will be their first comeback in 8 months, after ‘Callin” in October last year. This release will be a repackage album containing their 3 previous songs [(“5TAR”, “Callin'”, “Cactus”)] and 3 new songs. This will also be their first time challenging themselves with a season song since debut.

Activities for this album will be carried out with only 4 members, due to member Chan doing activities with UNB after placing as a finalist in ‘The Unit’. Additionally, member Jason will now do activities under his real name, Kim Byungkwan.

A.C.E’s company Beat Interactive stated, “A.C.E will make a comeback on June 7th. For this comeback, A.C.E will show a flashy performance and will also show you a new image that they haven’t shown before. With their first challenge with a season song, please give them your expectations and attention.”

  1. [+62 / -1] A.C.E is really good, I hope it goes well.
  2. [+34 / -0] I’m looking forward to A.C.E ㅠㅠ It is a really talented group.
  3. [+20 / -0] All the A.C.E members have good skills. Their visuals are great too! Let’s get up this time!!!
  4. [+17 / -0] I will wait for June 7th.
  5. [+11 / -0] Good job. Kim Byungkwan is much more familiar and stuck in my ears!