A.C.E Will Make a Comeback in June Without Member Chan

On May 9th, A.C.E‘s company Beat Interactive stated, “After the ‘MIXNINE’ debut group was confirmed to be canceled, the company had a discussion with the members and came to the decision that they will make a comeback in mid-June. Due to Chan participating in UNB, activities will be held with only 4 members Jun, Donghoon, Wow, and Jason. We ask for lots of expectations and support for their new album in June.”

Donghoon and Jason (Kim Byungkwan) were selected as finalists in the debut group from ‘MIXNINE’ but the debut was unfortunately canceled so the group is working hard towards a June comeback. Chan appeared in KBS2 ‘The Unit’ along with Jun. The group would like to greet fans with an album of high quality and a more mature appearance.

  1. [+14 / -0] If it wasn’t for MIXNINE, they could have made comeback while ago.
  2. [+8 / -0] If they had made their debut in MIXNINE they would have gained the huge popularity from both THE UNIT and MIXNINE and then comeback almost immediately after the projects…… But this team is great too. All five of them went out and three of them picked up.
  3. [+3 / -0] It’s sad that Chan isn’t part of this comeback, but I have waited for this comeback so much and I’m excited!
  4. [+1 / -0] A.C.E fighting, let’s hit big~~
  5. [+1 / -2] If you sing well, you will do well! Let’s show YG what he has missed!